• The Valley Park School District Care Closet is up and running!  With a great deal of hard work from our counseling team, our parents, and our community partners, we have a fully functioning care closet to support our students' needs.  The care closet includes items such as:  clothing, shoes, personal care items, backpacks, coats/hats/gloves, school supplies, and much more.  Please see the pictures below.  

    To access the VPSD Care Closet, please reach out to your building counselor or anyone on our counselor team.  When possible, counselors will bring students to the care closet to allow them to pick out items they need. Counselors can also discuss additional needs with family members. If you are concerned about the needs of a student or family or recognize that something is needed for one of your students, please reach out to your counselor or complete the form below. 

    VPSD Community Care Closet Request Form

    Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.