Units Offered within the Valley Park Gifted Program

  • GRADES 1-2

    Year 1

    Bee-Bopping Beetles

    How do the adaptations developed by beetles impact our society?  Why should we make sure to protect these wonderful creatures?



    Oceanic Adventures

    How are the oceans important to the function of the planet?  How are they endangered and how can we help preserve the Earth's oceans?


    Navigating the Nile

    In what ways did the ancient Egyptian culture flourish?  How do current societies benefit from the contributions of ancient Egypt?


    Year 2


    Zoo Troopers

    What functions do zoos serve for wildlife as well as society and the community?  How can we improve and construct a zoo to make it more efficient?



    Climbing Mount Olympus

    In what ways has the ancient Greek culture lived on throughout current societies and why was the ancient Greek civilization important?

    GRADE 3

    Look Who's Coming to Dinner

    How do we determine what is beneficial/problematic to humans, and should the same criteria be used to determine the impact on the environment?


    If I Could Live Anywhere, It Would Be...

    Should critical thinking and problem-solving be used to help you make a decision?  How can we use the aforementioned skills to help us determine where to live?


    What's Your Name?

    How can we use the ideal behind the scientific method of naming organisms to help us in our everyday lives?  Why is it important to organize "stuff"?


    Invitation to Invent

    How can inventions shape our future? In what ways have inventions impacted our past and present?




    GRADE 4

    Scratching the Surface of Programming

    How can technology (computer programming) and problem-solving be combined to create new solutions to complex problems?


    Bridge Builder

    What purposes have bridges served throughout history, and how/why have the designs changed?  How can we use problem-solving, through bridge design and building, to learn how to meet deadlines and complete tasks?


    Dream Home Design

    What methodology is used when architects design and construct a home?  What are the essential qualities that should be included when planning and constructing a dream home?



    GRADE 5

    What's a Budget?

    What information is needed to make an informed decision about financial decisions in your life?  How can this information be used to help you live on your own someday?


    Rainforest Rescue

    What roles do rain forests play in the environment?  How can humans play a role in the preservation of the world's rain forest flora and fauna?

    GRADE 6

    Thrills, Chills, and Spills

    What functions do theme parks serve for communities?  What factors must be considered in the planning and establishment of a theme park?




    How can game designers employ a successful strategy to encourage creative thinking and problem solving skills? How do strategy games enhance our abilities to problem solve in the real world?


    GRADE 7

    CSI: Valley Park

    How do investigators determine plausible explanations for crimes?  How has the role of crime scene investigators evolved throughout history?


    Independent Research Project

    What goes into the organization and planning of in-depth research?  How can a research topic be effectively communicated so others benefit from the knowledge?




    GRADE 8

    Students will attend 8th grade gifted education classes during Hawk Time. A portion of the week will be devoted to Hawk Time activities. These activities include, but are not limited to Academic Assist and Team-building Activities. Students will also spend a portion of the week covering gifted education topics.


    Stock Market Frenzy

    What would you do with $100,000? Students will learn about the role of investing and financial planning. They will work in teams to invest in stocks and make their money grow. They will compete against other schools in the area to see who can make their money work best for them.