• For Preschool enrollment (resident and non-resident), visit our Early Childhood website. 

    To enroll a student in the Valley Park School District K-12, you and your child must remain within the district boundaries. To determine that you live within the Valley Park School District attendance area, please view the map of district boundaries.

    After determining your school attendance area, contact your school(s) for enrollment. During this registration visit, you will need to bring the following: 
    • State Issued Birth Certificate
    • Immunization Records
    • Social Security Card (Voluntary)
    • Two proofs of parent/guardian residency. These documents should contain the parent/guardian's name and address. An example of this is an unpaid utility bill
    • Picture ID with signature, ex. Driver's License of parent/guardian
    • If applicable, Family Court Paperwork: Divorce Decree; Current Order of Protection; Current Custody Agreement; Current Parenting Plan; and Guardianship or Power of Attorney Paperwork
    • If the student is receiving Special Education Services, a copy of the IEP and evaluation
    • An unofficial transcript or most recent report card, if available
    • Emergency contact information

    All students who are new to the Valley Park School District must provide a record of a physical examination administered within the one year prior to enrollment. The exam must be submitted to the school within 30 days of enrollment.

    Contacts for Enrollment:
    Elementary School: Melinda Coates (636) 923-3600
    Middle School: Erin Steinkamp (636) 923-3509
    High School: Emma Goldberg (636) 923-3645
    Special Education: Julie Schroeder (636) 923-3621