Emotional Wellbeing

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    Your emotional and mental health are essential for a happy life.  Take good care of yourself!  This includes positive relationships, healthy sleep and eating habits, and healthy ways of coping with stress.  Often, counseling can aid teens in developing these skills.  Below are some resources for counseling and mental health support. 

    FREE Counseling through The Children’s Services Fund:
    Did you know that students can receive free therapuetic counseling on site at the high school?  Youth In Need sponsors a counselor in our building who meets regularly with students who need that extra layer of support.  Students will work with the YIN counselor to set up weekly or as needed appointments during a time that works best for them.  Students under 18 do need a parent permission form signed an turned in to the high school counselor.  Download the form here: YIN permission form 
    Counseling outside school hours is available through:

    Provident Counseling 314-533-8200 for an appointment; 7 locations in county

    Youth In Need, 9378 Olive Blvd, Olivette, MO 63132, 314-594-5010  YIN Outside counseling

    Epworth Children’s Services – Family Support Network

    314-918-3362 to make a referral


    In-home counseling available for StL City families

    Great Circle


    Family Forward

    314-534-9350 ask for Intake


    Grief Supports:

    CHADS Coalition for Mental Health: https://www.chadscoalition.org/students-young-adults

    Annie's Hope: The Center for Grieving Kids http://annieshope.org/

    Missouri Bereavement Resource https://elunanetwork.org/assets/guides/BereavementResourceGuide_Missouri.pdf

    Booklet : After a Loved One Dies, How parents and other adults can support grieving children



    MOEDA is a great resource for those struggling with disordered eating patterns: MOEDA


    Other resources: https://www.stlouisco.com/csf/Resources


    Private Counseling:

    In-Home counseling—Family Support Network, 7514 Big Bend Blvd, 63119, 314-644-5055


    Liz Schwarz, LPC, LCSW, Phone:  314-406-7475, Email:  easchwarz@att.net  Ms. Schwarz has over 30 years of experience working with teens and adolescents.  


    Circle of Concern is a local non-profit organization that offers multiple facets of support for families, including a food pantry and multiple wrap-around services. View their brochure here: Circle of Concern Programs and Food Pantry



    Need some suggestions to reduce TEST ANXIETY?  Try this site: Test Anxiety Strategies


    If you or your child needs emotional support at school, we have several opportunities to support you!  Contact the school counselor if you would like individual support or if you would like to participate in a support group.  Both supports will help students dealing with grief, self-esteem issues, self-regulation, peer issues, family trauma, etc.  Reach out to us today so we can get supports set up that are right for you!