College Planning

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    Getting Started
    There are several things you should be doing if you plan to attend college after high school graduation. This is a process that takes a lot of commitment and time. Valley Park provides multiple resources to aid families in this process. The counselor is available for parent/family meetings by appointment.
    Open The Door To Success
    We also use a college readiness curriculum entitled Open the Door to Success.
    Each student was emailed a workbook that they were instructed to download and save to their One Drive. Students also have access to the Stream Channel Counseling Curriculum which houses all of the videos to support the workbook content. All of this can be accessed through the Office 365 school account.
    We encourage students and families to use these resources to aid in the college search and fit process. The workbook has a table of contents that lists topics by grade level to provide a map for students to follow.  
    A few other helpful websites are listed below: 

    Check out the website for St. Louis Graduates!  This is a free resource to help you with all those questions you have!  Follow the link below for more information: St. Louis Graduates

    Students are also encouraged to visit college campuses with their families. Most colleges host visit days specifically for high school juniors or seniors. Visit college websites to find events at your favorite college. College Fairs are another way to get information about various colleges. Do an internet search for "college fairs in St. Louis" to find one near you. Each fall SLU hosts a college fair, which is widely considered the best in our area. Sign up online prior to the event! 
    Valley Park hosts representatives from many surrounding colleges and universities. Students are invited to meet with a representative from these schools. Reps visit during advisory periods. A list of college reps is located on the door to the college conference room.    

    College & Career Planning Guidance System (SCOIR) 

    VPHS uses a college & career planning guidance system called SCOIR (pronounced “Score”) to help you prepare for and navigate the college search, selection, and application process. SCOIR also has financial tools for parents to calculate an accurate cost of attendance that will help you decide whether to apply.

    Additionally, SCOIR has partnered with Pymetrics, a neuroscience software company measuring traits and behaviors, to bring your students Career Interest. The best part? Their analysis is measured via game playing...not questionnaires. When the games are completed your students will have a better understanding of their inherent traits and characteristics, how those apply to different career opportunities, and which fields of study relate to those careers. is the tool used to send student transcripts to colleges during the application process.  Seniors can click here to see how to do this: Requesting transcripts



    How to Activate your SCOIR Account:

    • All students should have received an email invite to your school email address with a link to sign up for an account. *See Mrs. Eagan in the counseling office if you need her to resend the email!
    • Already have an account set up through your school invite? click here:


    Parent Accounts on SCOIR:

    Once your student “invites” you to their SCOIR account (by entering your email), you will be able to view their profiles, see their college list, conduct your own college searches, and suggest colleges for your student to consider.  SCOIR also provides parents with financial tools so that you can get a better sense of the cost of attendance at various colleges during the selection process.


    Here is a link to some brief videos to help you become familiar with how to use SCOIR:

    SCOIR parent help



    College Planning Checklist