Valley Park Elementary School Handbook

  • Download the 19-20 handbook here.


    Our mission is to provide a supportive, personalized environment in which students will grow strong intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially today in preparation for tomorrow.



    The purpose of Valley Park Elementary’s CI3T plan is to have faculty, staff, administration, parents, and students work together to create an integrated academic, social, and behavioral system that will be implemented with fidelity and utilizes data-based decision making so that all students will increase academic achievement and improve behavior and social skills.



    1. Respect
    2. Responsibility
    3. Safety


    **See Behavior Expectation Matrix (Hawk Way) at the back of this handbook.



    School begins promptly at 8:30 a.m.  Students should arrive as close to 8:20 a.m. as possible.  The school is unable to provide supervision to students prior to 8:10 a.m.  **For your child’s safety, please do not drop students off before 8:10 a.m.**


    For students who must arrive earlier – before and after school childcare is available on site through the Y.M.C.A. (see page 10 for more information.)



    If your child is absent from school, the parent or guardian should call the VPSD Attendance Line at 636-923-3500 before 9 a.m. on the date of the absence. After dialing, please select Option #1 for Absence and Option #1 again for Elementary.  Absences must be accompanied by a doctor’s note to be excused.



    Students arriving after 8:30 a.m. are marked tardy. Parents MUST bring the student to the office to sign-in. A student must be signed in to receive a pass to be admitted to his or her classroom.  It is very important that students are on-time and ready to learn.  Tardies are reported to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).  Also, students who are chronically tardy may be reported to the Department of Social Services.



    When it is necessary for a student to leave school early the parent or guardian should come to the office to sign the student out.  The office personnel will call for the student.

    The safety and security of our students are always our first concern.  No child is released to ANYONE unless first cleared through the office.  This rule is for the protection and safety of the child.  Parents, guardians or an authorized substitute of the parent needing to take a child out of school first reports to the office to sign out the student.  The secretary will verify identification before releasing the student.  The office will then call the student’s teacher and ask for the student to be sent to the office for dismissal.


    Teachers have been instructed not to release any child without office approval.  Parents unable to pick-up a child in person should contact the office to designate a substitute.  Parents are encouraged to list authorized substitutes with the office ahead of time. 


    VPES policy about releasing students during school hours complies with Missouri Law and provides the greatest safeguard for children.



    Students will not be dismissed between 2:45 and 3:05 p.m.  Should your student need to be picked up prior to the end of the day, please make arrangements to

    pick up prior to 2:45 p.m.

    At 2:45 teachers begin preparing students to end the school day, organize homework assignments and get ready to be dismissed.  In order to allow for a smooth transition, we do not want to interrupt this process.  We appreciate your support.


    The school day ends at 3:05 p.m.  Students will be dismissed by classroom and escorted to buses and the Pick-up and Drop-off Area.

    For the safety of our students, it is preferred to have a “one and done” method of getting home each day.  In other words, please have the same routine from day to day, week to week. VPSD does not allow daily changes to your student’s way of getting home. However, every effort is made to accommodate families with a set weekly schedule.


    Parents will be provided a form to fill out during the first week of school to let the district know how your child is to be transported home each afternoon.  In EMERGENCY situations that require you to change your child’s route home, you must notify the office by NOON on the day of the change. This includes Parent Pick-Up.



    Parents and guardians are welcome to visit classrooms; however, it is permitted by appointment only.  Classroom visits are limited to one (1) hour to minimize distractions and maximize learning time for the students.  Requests to visit classrooms should be made in advance through the office.  Teachers cannot discuss a child’s achievements or concerns during class time.  Teachers will return telephone calls and arrange a special conference time.  Remember: ALL visitors must sign in the office upon arrival, and wear a visitor’s badge at all times.


    While we understand there can be extraordinary situations, parents are requested not to escort children to their classrooms after the first week of school. 


    As a Title I school, parents/guardians may request information regarding professional qualifications of their child’s classroom teachers and/or paraprofessionals at any time.



    Parents should inform the elementary school office at least one week prior to moving out of the district.  The parent should return any library or textbooks, and pay any fees or fines that are due.  When possible, a forwarding address is requested.



    OASIS is a national nonprofit educational organization designed to enhance the quality of life for mature adults.  The OASIS Intergenerational Tutoring Program trains volunteers to work with young children to build reading skills and positive attitudes towards learning.  VPES is fortunate to have OASIS volunteers working each week with designated students.  If you know of someone interested in becoming an OASIS volunteer tutor have them contact the school office at 636-923-3632. 


    Students are welcomed to bring birthday treats for their birthday or half birthday.  Treats should be pre-packaged and purchased from a store or bakery.  It is preferred that birthday treats be provided as individual servings (cupcakes, snack cakes, etc.).  If providing a cookie cake or cake, please include serving utensils and plates for the classroom.  For the safety of all students, please check with your child’s teacher prior to purchasing treats to insure there are no food allergies in the classroom.  Also, with respect to food allergies, treats will only be passed out within the grade level classroom/pod.  Students will not be permitted to travel the building passing out extra treats.



    Students are encouraged to use school district transportation or parent transportation both to and from school.  All students are discouraged from walking to school if it would require crossing or walking along streets with heavy traffic.  Written permission from a parent or guardian is required before a student is allowed to walk to or from school.



    Riding a bicycle, scooter, skates or skateboard to school is discouraged. These methods of transportation present problems with safety, storage, and vandalism.  Students riding bicycles and such to school must comply with the following requirements:


    1. The student is in the fourth or fifth grade.
    2. Written parent permission must be on file in the school office.
    3. The bicycle must be padlocked or chained to the bicycle rack upon arrival.
    4. The student must wear a helmet.



    For maximum safety of students, VPES requires carpool identification tags for all families with permanent car riders for afternoon dismissals.  Students will only be released to vehicles displaying a school-issued Carpool Tag.  Cars without a Carpool Tag will be waved through the parent pick up line, the driver will have to park and be required to come into the building to sign students out.  Please refer to the Car Rider Registration Packet for further information.



    School bus transportation is provided for all students who live in the Valley Park School District and/or students in the Voluntary Inter-district Choice Corporation (VICC) transfer program.  The Valley Park School District will abide by all federal, state, and local laws and regulations.  In order to participate in this transportation service, students, as well as parents, must be willing to accept and comply with the regulations and responsibilities established by Valley Park School District.



    The school district no longer allows daily changes to a student’s transportation.  Students are expected to ride on their assigned bus.  For information on bus routes or if there is a change of address, parents of Valley Park residents should contact the VP Transportation Office, at 636.923.3556.  Parents of voluntary transfer students should contact the VICC office at 314.721.8657.



    1. Sit in assigned seat.
    2. Obey the bus driver.
    3. Remain seated on the bus at all times. Back to back and bottom to bottom.
    4. Keep hands, arms, head, and belongings inside the bus.
    5. Speak in a quiet voice.
    6. No fighting, bullying, spitting, or throwing objects.
    7. No food/drink is allowed on the bus.
    8. No talking when the bus is traveling on an

                    interstate highway.



    Bus drivers have the responsibility to maintain a safe and orderly environment on the school bus.  The drivers have the right to warn students, conference with students and assign specific seats.  The driver will note on a Bus Safety Violation Report any behaviors that are deemed hazardous while riding the school bus.  The building principal or a designee will handle behavior that results in a Violation Report.  Parents having questions or concerns regarding bus behavior should contact the school administrator.


    Students will receive a consequence for unsafe or inappropriate bus behavior:

    This consequence may include:

    • Change in seat assignment.
    • Loss of bus riding privileges.
    • In-school consequences.
    • Meeting with a parent.

    In serious disciplinary cases, a student may be immediately suspended from riding the bus and/or a school suspension.  Repeat offenders will lose the right to ride the bus.



    VPES does not allow daily changes to a student’s transportation.  Bus Passes are only issued to students that are making a permanent change to their bus route or to newly enrolled students to initiate transportation.



    When severe weather necessitates the closing of school, the Superintendent will make the decision by 5:30 a.m.  Parents will be contacted by the automated phone calling system.  School closings are broadcast on most major television stations.  All other school-related activities are canceled for that day – including the YMCA Before & After School Care Program.



    Breakfast for elementary students is available from 8:00 a.m. to 8:25 a.m. and served in the Elementary School Cafeteria.  Generally, breakfast includes milk, fruit or juice, bread or cereal.  Breakfast is served at full price ($2.00), or, depending on family income, reduced breakfast price is free. Approval of a Meals Benefit Form qualifies a student for reduced breakfast.  Students may go to their classrooms after eating breakfast.



    Lunch will be available for all students at a cost of $2.60 per day.  There are typically three entrée choices for students each day.  Money for purchasing lunch can be sent by the day, week, month, etc. Parents also have the option of depositing money via PayPal.  The school’s computerized accounting system allows money to be deposited in each student’s account and withdrawn as the student makes each meal purchase.  A computer pin number is issued to every student, regardless of free, reduced or full price meals.  Any money left over in a student’s account will carry over to next year.


    VPSD Lunch Account Policy: After a student accumulates five (5) unpaid meal charges, the district will encourage the parent/guardian to submit an application for free and reduced-priced meals if an application has not been recently submitted.  The student may be referred to a principal (or designee) for intervention.  The first step of intervention includes, but is not limited to, the parent/guardian being contacted by the Food Service Director to assess, to the extent possible, whether the student’s family is experiencing hardships, barriers or other circumstances with which the district could potentially assist.


    Students may ask the cashier at any time for the balance on his/her account.  Parents may check a child’s account balance by accessing the Parent Portal on the district website or by contacting the Food Service Department between 7 a.m. and 2 p.m. at 636.923.3633.



    1. While waiting in line, students are to be quiet and keep their hands, feet and all other objects to themselves.
    2. Students are expected to sit at their assigned tables.
    3. Students needing assistance should raise their hands.
    4. Once seated, students are not allowed to get out of their seats without permission.
    5. Good table manners, appropriate conversation and quiet voices are to be used.
    6. Students are expected to pick up their trash from the table and floor before being dismissed.
    7. Each table is dismissed individually.
    8. All food and drink must be consumed in the cafeteria.
    9. Students are not permitted to bring soda for lunch.



    Weekly menus can be viewed on the district website. Please be advised that the menu is subject to change without prior written notice based on availability of listed items.





    Approval of an application for Meals Benefit Form qualifies a student for either a reduced-cost lunch or free lunch. Reduced-cost lunch price is $ .40.  Contact the school office for a Meals Benefit application and/or additional information.  Please be advised that once you are approved for meal benefits, an entire tray must be taken in the food service line in order to qualify on the program.  Selecting extra entrees, only side items or just drinks will be at the student’s cost per the federal food program.



    As a convenience to parents and students, Valley Park School District now provides a cell phone, tablet, laptop or desktop solution for online payments 24/7. This includes Visa, Discover and MasterCard debit and credit cards plus eChecks.  Make payments for required and optional fees, athletic registrations and much more, online, in-person or over the phone.

    Our Web Store helps busy families save time, reduce trips to the district office, and eliminate the need to send cash and checks with your student.  Make a quick payment in the evening or during your lunch hour with just a
    few clicks.


    Visit the RevTrak Web Store

    • Access the district Web Store at: through various links on the district website.
    • Click on the Fees link to make a fee payment.
    • Log in using your Tyler Portal Login ID. (email and password)
    • If multiple payors exist, click on the dropdown to select the appropriate payor and click Continue.

    Required Fee Payments

    • To make required fee payments, click on the student’s name to display fees assigned to the student.
    • Click the quick-pay button (green highlighted price) to pay in full or enter partial payments directly into the “Pay Amount” fields.
    • Click to view additional payment information.
    • Click the Add to Cart button(s) to add each student’s fee(s) to your shopping cart.
    • Confirm all items in the cart and click Checkout to proceed to the Web Store.
    • Confirm all items in your Shopping Cart and click Go to Checkout.
    • Log in to the Web Store. For first time customers, you will create your Web Store account. Your email address and password will be used to log in for future transactions.
    • Enter your billing information and click Continue.
    • Optional Fee Payments, Registrations & Purchases
    • To make optional fee payments, click on the button/link for an item.
    • Click the Add to cart -pay button to add the item to the one-stop cart.
    • Click Browse to view items for sale or to register for an event.
    • Click the Add to Cart button(s) to add each additional item to your shopping cart.
    • Confirm all items in the cart and click Checkout to proceed to the Web Store.
    • Confirm all items in your Shopping Cart and click Go to Checkout.
    • Log in to the Web Store. For first time customers, you will create your Web Store account. Your email address and password will be used to log in for future transactions.
    • Enter your billing information and click Continue.



    • Confirm the items in your cart, enter your payment method, and click Verify Info.
    • After verifying your information, click Complete Order to process your transaction and view your receipt.
    • The Tyler Sis parent Portal will be updated to show required fees paid


    * Please note, previous Web Store transactions can be viewed by clicking the My Account link and logging in to your account.  Also, Food Service payments are not currently able to be processed via RevTrack.  Please continue to make meal account payments through PayPal.



    The faculty is committed to the belief that an effective school is one in which there is a positive climate that encourages and recognizes excellent performance and in which students feel the care and concern of their teachers and administrators.


    In order to ensure a safe and productive environment for learning, each students should be aware of certain rights and responsibilities he/she has as a student at Valley Park Elementary School (VPES) and of consequences that will follow misconduct.  If students know what is expected of them, they should be able to live up to those expectations.


    In the event of a student altercation during the course of the school day, all students are expected to disperse from the area immediately and notify a staff member.  Any student involved in instigating a conflict and those who do not leave the area where a conflict may be accruing will be subject to disciplinary consequences as stated in the district policy and procedure book.






    A student with a disability is a student identified as having a disability under the eligibility criteria of state regulations implementing the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) as amended on Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

    Students with disabilities who violate the school district’s discipline code will be disciplined in accordance with this policy.



    Due process procedures, applicable to suspension, removal or expulsion of students from public schools under state law, shall be afforded to students with disabilities in accordance with policy JGD, Student Suspension and Expulsion.



    A student with a disability may be placed for up to ten (10) school days in an appropriate interim alternative educational setting, another setting, or be suspended to the extent suspension would be applied to a student without a disability.


    A student with a disability who possesses a weapon, as defined as a “dangerous weapon” in 18 U.S.C. 930, at school or at a school function, or knowingly possesses or uses illegal drugs or sells or solicits the sale of a controlled substance while at school or at a school function, may be placed in an appropriate interim alternative educational setting for the same amount of time that a student without a disability would be subject to discipline, but for no more than 45 calendar days.  Controlled substances and illegal drugs are defined as substances identified under schedules I, II, III, IV or V in section 202 of the Controlled Substances Act, but do not include substances that are legally possessed or used under authority of the Controlled Substances Act or any other federal law.


    If the school district believes a student will injure himself/herself or others, the school district may either seek a court order for an immediate change in placement, if the student’s parent or guardian has not consented to an immediate change in placement pending due process procedures, or the district may obtain an expedited due process hearing to request a change in placement for the student for not more than 45 calendar days.  At the due process hearing, a hearing officer or panel may order a change in placement of a student with a disability to an appropriate alternative educational setting for not more than 45 calendar days if the hearing officer or panel: Determines that the school district has demonstrated by substantial evidence that maintaining the current placement of such student is substantially likely to result in injury to the student or others; Considers the appropriateness of the student’s current placement; Considers whether the school district has made reasonable efforts to minimize the risk of harm in the student’s current placement; and determines that the interim alternative educational setting enables the student to continue to participate in general curriculum, although in another setting, and to continue to receive services that will enable the student to meet the goals set out in the student’s IEP and receive services and modifications, as set out in the student’s behavioral intervention plan, designed to address the behavior so that it does not recur.


    In the case of a disability resulting in violent behavior, which causes a substantial likelihood of injury to the student or others, the district shall initiate procedures to remove the student to a more appropriate placement if the district has unsuccessfully made reasonable efforts to minimize the risk.


    Any interim alternative educational setting determination exceeding ten (10) school days will be selected by the IEP team to enable the student to continue to participate in the general curriculum and to continue to receive services required by the student’s IEP and will include services and modifications designed to address the behavior involved in the disciplinary action so that it does not recur.



    A change of placement will result in removal of a student with a disability from his or her assigned classroom or service specified in an IEP or by an IEP team responsible for determining placement, for other than short-term crisis management, for a period of more than ten (10) consecutive school days, or cumulative days if a pattern of suspensions is created, within the year.  Multiple suspensions, which accumulate to more than ten (10) school days, may constitute a long-term suspension and therefore a change in placement if a pattern of suspension results, and should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  Factors to be considered in determining whether a pattern of suspension is present include the number and length of suspensions, their proximity to each other, and the total amount of time a student is suspended from school.


    Interventions established by an IEP team will continue the provision of special education and related services, or interventions that do not substantially interrupt the provision of services.



    Valley Park Elementary has a zero tolerance policy regarding bullying.  Please refer to the Annual Student/Parent Notification of Policies and Procedures located on the district website under the Parents Tab.



    (Voluntary Interdistrict Choice Corporation)

    Parents have the opportunity for their children to participate in a voluntary transfer program between the Valley Park School District and the City of St. Louis School District.  Eligible Valley Park students may apply to the VICC office in order to attend a school within the St. Louis School District with programs that may, for example, include:  performing arts, math and science or ROTC.  Eligible students living in the city of St. Louis may apply to the VICC office to attend school in the Valley Park School District.  For more information contact the VPSD Assistant Superintendent at 636.923.3614 or call the VICC office at 314.721.8422.


    The District has determined that the Voluntary Inter-district Choice Corporation (VICC) and its officers, employees and agents are school officials with legitimate educational interest because they act for and on behalf of the District with respect to transfer students and the transfer program, and because they seek to advance the interests of both. A transfer student’s attendance records and other educational records relevant to the student’s participation in

    the program or to the program itself may accordingly be disclosed to VICC without obtaining written consent from the parent/guardian or eligible student.



    Cell phones are permitted in the building with parent/guardian permission.  Cell phones are to be turned off and kept in the student’s book bag during school hours.  Students are not to bring iPods or electronic gaming devices to school without permission of the administration.  The following consequences will be given should students violate the cell phone and/or electronics policy:


    1. First Offense: the cell phone/electronic device will be taken away and brought to the office. Parents will be notified that a first offense has occurred.  Students may pick up their phone/device at dismissal.
    2. Second Offense: The cell phone/electronic device will be collected and parents will be notified of the second offense, as they will be responsible for picking up the phone/device from the school office during regular office hours.
    3. Third Offense: The cell phone/device will be taken to the office. The phone/device will be picked up from the office by the parents and the student will be assigned a consequence.
    4. Further violations of the cellphone/electronics policy may result in the loss of privileges of having a cell phone at school and/or the student having to check their phone in and out with the office each day.



    Every student is expected to present a proper and appropriate appearance.  Students should dress in a manner that will not disrupt the educational process.  Student clothing should be functional, safe, and reflect the attitude of the student toward his or her primary job – learning.


    • For safety reasons, students are not to wear sandals, flip-flops or other open-footed shoes on the playground.
    • Shoes should not have an excessively high heel or platform.
    • Shoes with rollers are not permitted.
    • Students must wear a tennis-type shoe to physical education class and that is also recommended for recess.
    • Shoelaces are to be kept tied.



    • Tops that expose the midriff area as well as halter-tops, or tops with thin straps are not to be worn at school
    • Shorts should be an appropriate length.
    • “Sagging” pants are not allowed to be worn
    • Clothing promoting or displaying alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, profanity, violence, weapons, illegal drugs, or any design considered to be prejudicial to the good order and learning process within the school are prohibited.
    • Hats, baseball caps, bandannas, scarves, sunglasses, or coats are not to be worn in the building


    Students’ health and safety are always a factor in establishing dress codes.  An administrator or staff member may determine if a student’s attire is inappropriate for the school setting.



    Homework is an assignment that a student completes outside of the regular classroom time.  We believe homework has a great influence on a child’s academic success.  Homework is not busy work; it serves an important function in the education of a student.  This work may include the following:  written assignments, projects, oral drill for practice, independent reading, reading with an adult, or test preparation.


    Homework is given to reinforce skills and material presented in class, prepare students for upcoming lessons, provide additional opportunities for working independently, teach student responsibility, and help develop positive study habits.


    Properly designed homework helps a student develop responsibility, independence, and time-management skills.  Homework is an integral part of the educational process because it encourages student learning after school hours.  Homework also provides an important channel of communication between the school and home. 

    Parents are asked to participate in

    homework assignments by:

    • Setting aside a regular daily time for doing homework
    • Checking your child’s Student Planner everyday
    • Discussing assignments with your child
    • Providing a quiet, well-lighted place where your child can complete homework assignments
    • Checking to see that homework is completed and done neatly
    • Signing the Student Planner everyday
    • Giving praise and support
    • Contacting the teacher if you have questions or concerns about homework


    Students can expect to have homework most nights through the week.  Please be advised that incomplete homework or homework not turned in on time can result in the student receiving a recess detention.  In addition to homework assignments, all students are expected to read for 20 minutes a night.  Upper grades should read independently.  Primary grades may read with a family member or be read to.


    Note:  Recess detention is designed to allow the student to complete or begin work on late or missing assignments.

    Generally, students are allowed additional time to complete assignments missed due to excused absences.  Contact your child’s teacher if you have specific questions.



    Every student in the second through fifth grades is issued a Student Planner.  Student Planners are designed to assist students and parents in completing homework as well as providing a convenient way to manage daily “school-to-home-to-school” communication.  Parents are expected to check and sign their child’s planner each day.  It is very important that your student keep track of his or her planner.  There will be a charge of up to $5 to replace a lost planner.



    Report cards will be made available at the end of each trimester.  Valley Park Elementary School will be grading and reporting using Standards-Based Grading.  The purpose is to accurately communicate what students know and are able to do in relationship to the end-of-year grade level standard in the subject areas.  The marks will reflect student growth towards specific learning standards.  These will be reported as: 1-Minimal, 2-Developing, 3-Meeting, and 4-Exceeding.  Parents will have the opportunity to review their child's progress through parent-teacher conferences and written evaluations.  Refer to the calendar in the back of this handbook for the specific dates of trimesters and conferences.  Parents are encouraged to contact the school at any time to discuss their child's progress.  Informal conferences are also encouraged.  Arrangements, however, need to be made between the parent and teacher for a mutually suitable time.


    M.A.P. stands for Missouri Assessment Program.  This state-mandated district-wide assessment is designed to monitor the progress of all students in meeting the Common Core Standards, as set forth by the Missouri State Board of Education.  Students are tested at various grade levels for competency in the areas of communication arts, mathematics, and science.  M.A.P. testing takes place during a three-to-four week period each spring. 



    A gifted and talented program is offered to qualifying students in grades first through fifth.  The program, under the direction of a teacher certified in Gifted Education, extends student learning through a variety of activities, field trips, and performances.



    Two certified school counselors are on staff for the benefit of students, parents and teachers.  The counselors work within each classroom to instruct students in skills that will enhance their learning.  The counselor’s primary responsibility is to work with students who have demonstrated some problems in social behavior, personal behavior, or academic behavior.  Counseling sessions are usually conducted on an individual basis while providing an outlet for the student to express his or her feelings.  The counselors will talk with students at the request of students, parents or teachers.  Families with academic/school issues, as well as concerns about personal well-being, can contact the school counselors, School Nurse or School Resource Officer.  Our Community Response Team is available to assist families in crisis.


    In the event that a child is living with only one parent, progress reports, grades and conferences will, upon request, also be offered to the non-custodial parent.  If the non-custodial parent is not to be involved with his/her children then THE CUSTODIAL PARENTS MUST PRESENT LEGAL DOCUMENTATION OF CUSTODIAL RIGHTS TO THE PRINCIPAL.


    The enrollment of a new student requires:

    1. Birth Certificate
    2. Immunization Records - approved by Valley Park District Nurse
    3. Two Current Proofs of Residency
    4. Safe Schools Act Compliance Form verified by a Notary Public



    An enrollment form must be completed on each new student by one of his/her parents or legal guardians.


    Children enrolled in Pre-School should re-enroll in Kindergarten prior to the end of the school year if at all possible.  Students participating in the Pre-School program are not automatically enrolled in Kindergarten the following year.



    The Board of Education believes in the right of every student to receive equal opportunities in all educational programs and activities conducted by the school district.  The Board also believes in the right of every qualified individual to expect fair and equal treatment both as an applicant for employment and as an employee. 


    The Board of Education believes that discrimination against a qualified disabled person, solely on the basis of disability, is unfair.  Furthermore, the Board believes that qualified disabled persons should be in the mainstream of life in the school community to the extent that is reasonably permissible and/or possible.




    Specific guidelines for resolution of student complaints and grievances are found in the Parent’s Manual of Policies and Procedures.



    Specific guidelines for rights of students are found in District Policy “Protection of Student Rights” reprinted in the Parent’s Manual of Policies and Procedures.



    District policy regarding sexual harassment is reprinted in the Parent’s Manual of Policies and Procedures.



    The Valley Park School District is a component  district of the Special School District of St. Louis County.  Students diagnosed with special educational needs receive their education in a cooperative effort between Special School District and Valley Park School District.  Most services are offered on our campus, although some students may attend a Special School District facility.  Valley Park and Special School Districts provide a complete range of services from Early Childhood through High School Transition programs.


    For further information, you may contact the Special School District Liaison, Dr. Tad Savage,  at 636.923.3614.  If you prefer, you may contact Special School District directly at 314.989.8100 or contact Julie Schroeder, Area Coordinator at 636.923.3621.  The address for Special School District Administrative and Diagnostic Clinic is 12110 Clayton Road, St. Louis, MO 63131.



    The Nurse’s Office is located in the elementary building and is staffed from 7:45 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. each school day.  The nurse may be reached at 636.923.3634 and voice mail is available for leaving messages.  Preventative health care is a primary goal of VPES.  In addition to providing emergency care in case of accidents or illness and distribution of prescription medication the school nurse provides immunization reviews, and regular hearing, vision, scoliosis, head lice screenings for all students.  Referrals for follow-up care are made when indicated.  Our school nurse serves as a resource in the classroom and for the staff as well as  for parents and students with specific health concerns.  The school nurse supervises the administering of all medications and/or medical treatments.



    The school nurse asks for your

    assistance by:

    • Keeping a child home from school until the child is fever and symptom free (including vomiting) for 24 hours without the aid of Tylenol or other fever-reducing medicine. (Guidelines for keeping your child at home are reprinted in the Parent’s Manual of Policies and Procedures.)
    • Being responsible for having someone available to pick up your child if he/she is injured or sick at school. A sick or injured student should not have to remain at school for an indefinite period of time.
    • Being responsible in keeping all emergency data current. This includes a home and work telephone number, addresses, the names of other persons to which your child may be released.  A yearly emergency form must be on file before a student may participate in field trips, sports activities and intramurals.
    • Calling or sending a note sharing any medical information that may affect your child’s performance at school in any way.
    • Sending a copy of all immunization boosters. Student records must remain current for the student to attend school.  Missouri law does not allow for a grace period on immunizations.
    • Sending a copy of the results of physical examinations (required of all new students, pre-school, kindergarten, fourth, seventh, and tenth grade students.)
    • Sending all medications in the original container along with a note from the parent or guardian containing specific instructions (signed and dated) and a prescription from your child’s physician for all over-the-counter as well as prescription medications. (The district policy:  Administering Medicines to Students is reprinted in the Parent’s Manual of Policies and Procedures.)



    When a child is identified with an active head lice infestation at school, the child’s parent/guardian is notified of the suspected infestation and provided with information about treatment.  The student will be sent home and may return to school after they have received appropriate treatment at home.  After the student has been treated – the student should return to school.  The school nurse will work with individual families to ensure eradication of the lice infestation by conducting periodic head checks until completely resolved.


    Valley Park School District follows the recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics and does not exclude students from school because of lice or nits.  Please know that we share your concern about head lice.  If you detect head lice on your child, please let the school nurse know.  VPSD will alert parents/guardians when there is an unusual clustering of head lice cases, while still seeking to protect the privacy of individual students.  Please feel free to contact the school nurse at 636-923-3634 if you have any questions.


    Throughout the school year classes and grade levels go on educational field trips.  These field experiences are designed to enhance student learning.  Field trips also serve to connect classroom learning with the “real world.”  Parents must sign their approval for field trips on the Enrollment Form in order for a student to attend field trips.  Students who have not demonstrated appropriate behavior during the school year may lose the privilege of attending field trips. 


    Some field trips have opportunities for parent chaperones.  In the event that there are limitations of space, school staff will randomly select parents to attend.  Parent chaperones are expected to assist the teacher and be important role models for the students in attendance.  The school district asks that parents refrain from cell phone use for the duration of the field trip unless an emergency arises.



    Students are asked to follow the established rules for the playground areas:


    1. Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
    2. No running (or tag games) on woodchips.
    3. No jumping off the slide. Slide down feet first.
    4. Playground balls should be played with in area near baskets and 4-Square or on the grass only.
    5. Put equipment back in the red bin at the whistle.


    Outdoor Air Temperature, Heat Index and Wind Chill Guidelines

    The principal or designee of the elementary school will be responsible for daily monitoring of outside conditions provided by local authorities based on the following guideline from St. Louis Children’s Hospital:


    1. Temperatures below 10 degrees – stay inside.
    2. Temperatures between 10-20 degrees with no wind chill – Principal’s discretion.
    3. Temperatures between 32-90 degrees – go outside with no restrictions.
    4. Temperature of 90 degrees and above – go outside. Water is available on the playground.
    5. Heat index raises temperatures greater than 95 degrees – Principal’s discretion.




    For an expanded explanation of Valley Park School District Policies and Procedures, please refer to the Annual Student/Parent Notification of Policies and Procedures located on the district website at under the Parents Tab.



    A before and after-school program is offered by the Kirkwood YMCA.  For specific information call 314.965.9622, extension 242.



    Please contact Amy Hopper, Early Childhood Director, regarding Valley Park Pre-School.  She can be reached at 636-923-3526 or



    Unless authorized by the administration, no selling of any kind is allowed on the school grounds or in the classroom.


    Parents As Teachers, or PAT, is a nationally recognized, free program offered to all families in Valley Park.  It is a voluntary parent and child early education program.  Parents with children from birth to age five are eligible.  PAT educators work with families using developmental screening, home visits, groups meetings, family activities, and referral network.  For more information call 636.923.3585.



    The Lost and Found is located in the hall by the entrance to the Early Childhood Center.  To help identify lost items, we beg parents to label all school clothing and items brought to school.


    2018-2019 P.T.O. OFFICERS


    Krissy Martin


    Vice President

    Laura Picker



    Beth Lofton



    Cathy Lagermann


    Room Parent Coordinator

    Amber Watson


    Volunteer Coordinator

    Rebekah Folsom



    Please follow the Valley Park Elementary PTO Page on Facebook for event info and meeting dates!!








    Math Fact Scholars

    Coordinators: Jeremy & Laura Picker


    Math Fact Scholars (MFS) is a program that gives students an opportunity to practice their math skills in a fun and low stress environment. We are a completely volunteer run program, and are always looking for new volunteers to helps our kids excel in math.



    1) Is there a cost to MFS? Yes, medal levels are $10 with the option to buy practice books for $12. We highly recommend the practice books. Trophy levels are $24 and include a practice book.


    2) Is this a tutoring program? No, MFS encourages practicing at home with family members, and using our testing sessions for taking tests.


    3) Does MFS affect my student's math grade, or involve his/her teacher? MFS is completely separate from normal classroom curriculum. The strategies taught in the MFS books can be great tools for students to use in the classroom. Other than occasionally updates to let the teachers know how their students are doing, the program is run completely by parents and volunteers.


    4) Do I have to be awesome at math in order to volunteer? No! Volunteering requires little to no math skills at all! If you can work a timer, use an answer key to grade, or instruct children where to go, then we can use your help!

    For more questions, please email

    Jeremy or Laura Picker at