Financial Aid Basics

  • Financial Aid

    Financial Aid can be an overwhelming topic!  I encourage families to take time to read about different kinds of financial aid.  The more information you have, the smarter you will be as a consumer!  Many students take out large private loan amounts that cripple them financially after they graduate from college. 

    The Scholarship Foundaion and UMSL have great websites where they provide detailed information on financial aid types.  I encourage you to read through the following link, and others like it so you can set yourself up for the best future possible!

A+ Scholarship Information

  • Scholarship Program The Missouri A+ scholarship is a scholarship funded by the Missouri state department that essentially pays for 2 years of tuition at a Missouri community college, allowing students who qualify to earn an Associates Degree with little out of pocket cost. 

    *Students MUST have a signed contract on file to be eligible to participate. This should be completed freshman year or upon enrollment into the high school. Please print the brochure below, sign, and return to the school. 
    Click here to view the Valley Park brochure on this program: VPHS A+ brochure
    Click here to view a list of colleges that offer A+ scholarships: A+ Colleges list 
    Please visit this link to learn more about this state scholarship:
    Per the requirements of the State of Missouri, all men must register with the Selective Service at age 18 in order to receive the A+ scholarship.  This process takes just a minute or two and can be completed by visiting:

FAFSA Information


    Students planning to apply for financial aid for the college school year of 2019-20 can fill out the FAFSA form in October of their senior year.  You must fill out the FAFSA every year if you are a student who plans to:

    • Use the A+ scholarship
    • Attend a University or College
    • Attend a 2 year Technical School
    • Quality for automatic scholarships at a college/university
    Go here to start your FAFSA application:
    There are multiple events held in our area to aid families with questions about this process.  Attending a FAFSA Frenzy event would benefit most families.  Below is a link to find an event near you! 

Scholarship Sites

  • Scholarship


    The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis has multiple resources for families. Visit their website at:

    St. Louis Graduates offers support to families who want to prepare for college. Visit their website at:

    All juniors and seniors should have an account through a scholarship search engine. Below are a few to choose from. Accounts should be checked multiple times each week.
    Peer Lift is another great resource for finding college information.
    Big Future is also a great website to help you map out your future and make comparisons!
    Many colleges partner with in order to help students piece together financial aid awards.

Individual Scholarship Awards

  • Paper copies of these and other applications are available on the Scholarships Bulletin Board. Feel free to stop by the Counseling office anytime with questions!


    The Valley Park Education Foundation offers scholarships to VPHS graduating seniors each year.  Applications are due March 1st to the counseling office.  Click here for a PDF or here for an editable Word doc.


    MOACAC is offering $1000 scholarship to Missouri senior with at least a 2.5 GPA planning to attend a MOACAC college.  Click here for more information: MOACAC scholarship flyer


    MOASPA-STL is offering a $1000 scholarship, application is due February 29, 2020.  Click her for more information: MOASPA-STL flyer


    Rotary Club of West St. Louis County is offering a scholarship of $1500 to a Valley Park senior.  Click here to fill out the application and return to the counselor.  Due March 2, 2020. 


    Association of the United States Army is offering a scholarship to students with parents involved in the Army.  Check Here to see if you qualify.  Click Here to apply.


    Veterans Offer College Scholarship to Jewish High School Students Jewish War Vets Scholarship App 

    Dozens of scholarship and interest-free loan program applications on Scholarship Central 


    The BJC Scholars Fund is a renewable $10,000 scholarship for 14 students annually from communities served by BJC HealthCare, including four students who are residents of St. Louis County.  Interested students must be current high school seniors who plan to attend a public 2- or 4- year college in Missouri or be receiving in-state tuition reciprocity at a public university in another state. Students must have financial need, demonstrate academic potential (2.0 cumulative GPA or higher), and exhibit strong character through honesty, integrity, and sound judgment.  We are now accepting applications for this funding opportunity. Students can apply online at St. Louis Graduates Scholarship Central:   BJC Scholars  


    Interested in Early Childhood? Check here: EC scholarships


    Interested in Nursing? 
    Here's a database of nursing scholarships:

    The Daughters of the American Revolution
    have national scholarship contests that may apply to you!  Check out this link to see:

    The Missouri State Society Daughters of the American Revolution offer many scholarships that may apply to you!  Look here to see:  MO DAR Scholarships
    Majoring in a mental health related field? 
    Check out this scholarship from MENSA: Mensa Health Minds Scholarship
    The Patriot Guard Riders of Missouri Scholarship

    The Patriot Guard Riders of Missouri are offering four scholarships to Missouri students who are sons or daughters of those who fall within the following categories:

    (1) Those who have given their lives in the line of duty, including both military and first responder (police/fire)

    (2) Those honorably discharged veterans who have passed after their term of service

    (3) Those veterans or first responders disabled in the line of duty to the extent that providing an advanced education cannot be easily realized

    These scholarships are non-renewable, and consist of one award in the amount of $2,000, and three awards in the amount of $1,000 each, to be awarded to four deserving Missouri students to help defray cost at any accredited institution of higher learning, including vocational and business schools.

    An application form is attached. Please note that the application deadline date is April 1, 2020.

    Questions can be directed to Robert L. Meeks, Secretary/Treasurer, Missouri Patriot Guard Riders at:

    Download application here: 19-20 Patriot Riders Scholarship


    Congressional Black Caucus Foundation-CBCF

    Each year, the CBCF invites qualified African-American High School sophomore and junior students from the districts of Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) Members to participate in the Essay Contest and Issue Forum. Visit their website at for more information.


    Missouri Society of CPAs (MOCPA)

    All high school accounting, business, and math students are encouraged to apply for the scholarship sponsored by MOCPA.  Click here: MOCPA scholarship


    Dr. Darrell "Jack" Holley/MUSIC Scholarship

    Open to all to apply, is a competitive scholarship requiring this application: 2020 Holley Scholarship to be completed and given to the counselor by February 14th.


    Life Reimagined Ventures

    Each year, we award $750 in scholarships to high-achieving, high school students who have been affected in some way by the increasing prevalence of mental health challenges.  You can find more information about our scholarship award here:


    Amco Ranger Scholarship

    This local company is sponsoring a $1000 scholarship!  Check here for more info:


    Missouri Courage Scholarship

    Looking for seniors who stand up for what they believe, fight for social justice, and care about LGBTQ issues.  Missouri Courage Scholarship, The application is open until March 1, 2020