• Annual Events:  

    Evening Events:
    Family Game Night - November 9, 2017 Bring your family up to Valley Park Elementary for some old fashioned fun!  Board games are a wonderful way to have fun and learn with your family.
    Avoid the Summer Slide – May 9, 2018  Our last event of the school year is a great way to kick off summer learning.  Families have fun and get free materials to keep learning going all through the long summer months.
    School Day Events:
    Lunch With a Teacher- October 13-October19 Winners announced Tuesday, October 24
    A favorite event where students purchase a $.25 chance to eat lunch with their favorite teachers.  This event helps fund the Avoid the Summer Slide event in May.
    Reading Week- February 28- March 2 2018  Dr. Seuss' birthday is celebrated in style at VPE!  From dress-up days to reading marathon, there's something for everyone!
    PAWS for Reading – Linda Chambless and Tater, volunteers from PAWS for Reading, read with students who attend Reading Intervention every Tuesday.  Students benefit from the program by getting extra practice reading orally to a very happy and friendly audience!