• Activities to Keep Math Skills Sharp

    Play a game

    Math games come in all shapes and sizes, so choose your favorite.  Some we suggest are:

    Chess, Sequence, Sequence Numbers, Phase 10, Set, Mathopoly, Equate, Head Full Of Numbers, Pay Day, Rummikub, 20 Express, Rush Hour, and Sumoku

    Watch a Math related YouTube video

    Search for things like Math Raps for Middle School or math tricks.

    Visit a Museum

    Look up the summer programs at local museums or just walk around and investigate ways math is involved in the exhibits. Some local museums we suggest are:

    Science Center, History Museum, Art Museum, Museum of Transportation, City Museum, Magic House, Myseum, National Blues Museum, Holocaust Museum, Inside the Economy Museum at the Federal Reserve Bank, World Chess Hall of Fame, and Museum of Westward Expansion

    Muscle Up on the content taught at VPMS

    You can use your home computer to review content that was taught during the school year we just completed or look ahead to what is on the horizon next year.  Khan Academy has great tutorials for all things middle school math. IXL is also a great source for practice problems.

    6th Grade IXL Skills 7th Grade IXL Skills
    8th Grade IXL Skills
    Spend time in the Kitchen

    Cooking is fun way to look at measurement, ratios and scale. Get out some family recipes and create tasty mathematical meal.

    Plan a Trip

    Use Google maps to look at distances and travel times for virtual or actual vacations your family will take. You can extend this to include a budget for activities that you would like to participate in while you are there.

    Watch a Sport

    Sports are full of statistics. Grab paper and a pencil to see if you can calculate along with the experts.