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    Missouri Connections
    Did you know Missouri Connections is a comprehensive, online, career development and planning program that is funded by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and provided free of charge to all Missouri citizens? Missouri Connections helps individuals learn about their talents, skills, and interests and makes the connection between planning for continued education and the work world.
    Missouri Connections promotes lifelong learning and includes assessments, career and college planning and financial aid resources. It is appropriate for elementary, middle schools, high schools, post-secondary institutions, as well as for agencies serving adult populations, such as employment offices, vocational rehabillitation programs and correctional facilities.
    Missouri Connections offers four (4) platforms:
    • Career TREK (Grades 3-5) Introduction to awareness of Career Paths
    • Junior Version (Grades 6-8)  Exploration of Career Clusters, development of Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP)
    • High School Version (Grades 9-12) Preparation of Career Pathways, financial aid, interest profiler, occupation sort, resume creator, reality check
    • College and Adult Version (College & World of Work) Guide in developing college and career plans and seeking employment, self-assessments, exploration, research, goal setting and decision-making


    For more information and descriptions of all platforms, please visit:

    All students will complete an ICAP, or Individual Career and Academic Plan, through  Instructions are here: Accessing ICAP on Missouri Connections.  The ICAP will need to be complete before you walk in the graduation ceremony.


    Workforce Solutions

    Accelerated job training opportunities are available through STLCC Workforce Solutions Group.  Click here for ongoing training programs that provide skills necessary to directly enter the workforce at a competitive wage.  Many programs are just a few weeks long.


    High Demand Occupations

    What jobs are out there for graduating seniors?  What career paths are the most promising?  Click here to see occupations in high demand in our area: High Demand Occupations


    Looking for career path experiences while in high school? 

    Check out the Diversity Awareness Partnership program EXPLORE!  EXPOLORE is a free career immersion program for St. Louis high school students of color which connects students to industry leaders in the region. Students will have the opportunity to:

    *Learn about potential career paths
    *Hear personal stories from professional mentors
    *Develop essential career-building skills that will help you succeed
    *Build relationships that can lead to future internships
    *Understand why diversity and inclusion are important in the workplace 

    Visit their website for program information and how to enroll:

    Exploring STL is another program offered through the Scouts of America.  Exploring is a career exploration program for students ages 14-20 year old (or 13 and have completed 8th grade).

    * Exploring pairs students directly with local companies and organizations for career exploration

    * Youth participate  in unique, real-life opportunities to experience various career fields

    * We aim for youth to save time by learning if certain careers are for them while in high school and college

    For more information on how to get involved, visit their website at: