Biology Quiz Retake Procedures

  • If you choose to fail a quiz in Biology to retake the quiz you must do ALL OF THE FOLLOWING

    1. Corrected EVERY wrong answer on the quiz when we graded it in class. No corrections no retake
    2. You are well behaved in class. No sleeping, horseplay, back talking, inappropriate use of phones, having phones taken away or any other disrespectful behavior.
    3. 3. You must have turned in ALL homework for the chapter that has been assigned so far. All homework must be completed and turned in on time- No half-done work, no late work
    4. WITHIN TWO DAYS of having the test returned to you, you must:
      1. Have your parent sign the top front of the test.   Then show me that they have signed it.
      2. Have the same parent send me an email stating it is OK for you to retake a test.  I will email them back
      3. Redo all the classwork for this chapter- since you learned nothing from it. 
      4. Meet with me during the next Science Help after school to review your test and redo any homework.
      5. Turn in a “retake coupons”- No coupon no retake!
    5. You will then take the test after school WITHIN THREE DAYS of our review.
      1. Only one retake per quiz- no retakes on chapter tests. NO Quiz Retakes after a Chapter Test
      2. Only one retake per semester. 
      3. You get the average of the two test scores (48 + 78 =  126/2 = 63)