1. All rules and expectations in the student handbook are to be followed in any of my classes. a. No food in lab (roaches!!)
    2. No throwing of any objects (a lot of glass)
    3. TARDIES- You are allowed three tardies per semester. The fourth tardy will result in a detention with the principal at his convenience and a reduction of 3% on your final semester grade.  Every tardy thereafter will result in detentions at the principal’s discretion.
    4. CLASSWORK -  All makeup work for excused absences, including field trips, may be turned in up to the number of days you were absent.  (If you miss 5 days, you then have 5 days to make up the work).  IT IS THE STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY TO ASK FOR WORK THAT HAS BEEN MISSED.  Class work is graded using the normal grading scale approved by the school board.
    5. Grades will be assigned in the following manner
      1. 1st  Semester: Classword 10%, Tests 50%, Labs 40%                                     
      2. Semester Grade: Term Three 80%, Final Exam 20%
    6. HOMEWORK – Homework is important in high school.  It is practice for tests and quizzes.  All homework is expected to be turned in on time.   Homework will be accepted one class period late at a 25%  percent reduction (-25%) on that assignments grade.  No homework will be taken after this.
    7. All students are expected to come to class prepared with the necessary materials (book, paper, notebook, something to write with, etc.). Class materials will be loaned to individual students only a minimal number of times.
    8. Substitute teachers are to be treated the same as any normal classroom teacher. There is no tolerance for any student who chooses to misbehave for a Sub.