Q: I have already registered my student for the in-person path on July 23rd. If I plan on continuing in that path do I need to re-register her due to this new announcement?
    A: If you have already registered then you have made your selection. You do not need to select again.

    Q: For those of us who have already registered, will we be able to update our registration and switch pathways in light of this new information? If so, what is the procedure for that?
    A: Yes. Please contact the office where your student attends school by August 5 and we will change your selection. 
    Elementary: (636) 923-3600
    Middle School: (636) 923.3624
    High School: (636) 923-3613

    Q: For the PHASE 3 online learning how will it be different than last spring?
    A: Distance Learning is redesigned and will have increased expectations for students, staff and families. Our goal is to develop a meaningful online learning experience providing students with a blend of new curriculum and instruction, independent practice, academic intervention, extension, and enrichment. This will not be the emergency distance learning program that students and parents experienced in the spring. Our new online instruction program will mirror the regular school day. Students at the secondary level will receive a regular class schedule that they will need to follow each day. Elementary students will be assigned a grade-level teacher and all students will engage in online instruction throughout the week. Daily attendance will be taken for each class, and the assignments will be graded. Grades will go on progress reports and report cards/transcripts. Teachers will monitor student progress and implement academic intervention as appropriate. More details will be distributed in the near future.

    Q: Will those who choose the in-person pathway be using Edgenuity during the first quarter? Or will there be a different virtual structure for the in-person students?
    A: Grade 6-12 students participating in Phase 3 of in-person learning will not be using Edgenuity. These students will follow a daily schedule and be taught by Valley Park educators through “live” instruction combined with offline, independent work.

    Q: Will the online learning option for PHASE 3 in-person path be structured to align with the online learning thru Edgenuity?
    A: Edgenuity is aligned to the Missouri Standards, so the learning aligns with the in-class curriculum.

    Q: If we choose the 100% virtual route are we limited as to what courses our High School students can take?
    A: Our high school counselor will schedule each high school student for Edgenuity. Students will be required to complete courses that align with our graduation requirements. Edgenuity does offer many more courses than Valley Park’s in-person offerings and students may be able to substitute some of Edgenuity’s courses for elective credit. Please feel free to contact Emma Goldberg, School Counselor, at egoldberg@vp.k12.mo.us

    Q: For the 6-12 virtual plan via Edgenuity, who selects the courses students will take? Will they be customized to the particular student or will all virtual 7th graders be taking the same courses?
    A: Counselors will work with students and families to create a schedule that fits the needs of each individual student.

    Q: I have gone through Parent Portal and registered my 7th grader and selected the E-learning option and what is my next step?
    A: One of our counselors will contact your family prior to school starting.

    Q: How many courses are high school students allowed to take in one Semester? Is it limited to 7 or can they take more to accumulate credits?
    A: Seven courses is the limit unless there is a circumstance that would show a greater need. The student, parent/guardian, counselor, and principal would make that decision.

    Q: If a Senior has chosen to try graduating early and needs to choose virtual learning what are their options? Is it self paced where they can work ahead to get a full credit in one Semester (vs the normal 1/2 credit) or do they have to double up on 2 different classes....working at the same pace as everyone else to get the needed credits?
    A: The senior would be enrolled in the first and second semester of the year long course and would need to pace themselves to complete both courses in the 1st semester.

    Q: Most Seniors still need electives to graduate, in the virtual course catalog are they limited to electives that state they are “elective” or are they allowed to take any course in the catalog and allow it to count as an elective credit?
    A: The high school counselor will work with the student to make sure the courses they take will meet their graduation requirements.

    Q: Will fall sports take place now that we are in phase 3?
    A: All Valley Park School District Athletics and Activities are postponed until further notice. All school playgrounds, play spaces, and athletic fields are closed and not available for public use until further notice. Current MSHSAA guidelines prohibit competition for schools who are 100% virtual. MSHSAA’s current stance is “If ONLY offering virtual instruction with no face to face education, either temporarily or for the semester/year, you may not offer sports & activities during that period.” You can see the MSHSAA rule here

    Q: If I have a question about athletics or activities who is the best person to contact?
    A: Please reach out to Adam Hamilton ahamilton@vp.k12.mo.us . Mr. Hamilton became our new Director of Student Activities on July 1, 2020.

    Q: What factors went into making this decision?
    A: We prioritized the health and wellness of our students and staff. Some of the metrics we have and will continue to look at include: Confirmed Cases, Positivity Rate, Rate by Age, Change in Positivity Rate, Testing – number, Hospitalizations/Beds Available/ICU/Ventilation, etc.

    We looked at the data specific to Valley Park. We also took into account that our teachers live in other parts of the county, neighboring counties, and the city. Our parents work in those different locations, and our families, students, and staff travel outside Valley Park to work and enjoy recreation, all where numbers continue to climb. St. Louis has been identified by the White House Taskforce as a RedZone and an area needing to take “aggressive” steps to mitigate outbreaks.

    We also felt continuity of education was an important factor. Given the current restrictions on when staff and students can report to school with symptoms of COVID-19 and the length they would need to be out (minimum of 10-14 days) this does not allow us to provide continuity of high quality instruction to our students.
    Other factors included the county’s inability to staff enough contact tracers, the increasing positivity rate in young people, lack of available testing in our region, and the delay in receiving testing results.
    On Thursday evening (7/30) the county executive reiterated that it is unlikely the spread of the virus can be sufficiently controlled by the time school starts in August and made the formal recommendation that all schools start the semester in a virtual environment.

    Q: When school resumes is it 5% of the entire district that triggers a district-wide closure, or 5% of the elementary school triggers an elementary school closure, and so forth?
    A: 5 % of a building would trigger the closure. It is also possible we would have to close sections of a grade level or entire grade levels or more based on recommendations from St. Louis County Department of Health.

    Q: Is Phase 2 an option after the 1st quarter?
    A: Yes. We will continue to monitor the decrease or increase and spread of COVID-19 throughout the quarter and determine what phase might be most appropriate as the quarter nears an end.

    Q: I have a question regarding virtual learning with Edgenuity. Will students who choose this still receive a device from school to use for accessing this program or will a computer or chromebook need to be provided by parents?
    A: Yes. Students will receive a device if needed.