Application Process


    • Choose 4 - 6 colleges to apply to
    • Complete applications for all colleges, and submit all required materials


          Before hitting ‘submit’ on a college application:

    1. Choose which application to use and open an account
    2. Keep track of your schools and passwords
    3. Request any needed recommendations
    4. Complete the application


          After hitting ‘submit’ on a college application:

    1. Add this school to SCOIR
    2. Send your ACT/SAT scores from ACT/College Board IF you did not already do so when taking the test
    3. Send copies of any admissions decisions and/or scholarships to the counseling office
    • Receive decisions from each college.
    • File for financial aid and scholarships.
    • Choose which college to attend.



College Process Timeline

  • Use this timeline to guide you through college preparations and the application process. 



    Junior Year



    Stay on track with grades

    Ensure that your student is staying on track with her grades

    Begin preparation for standardized tests

    Begin to evaluate finances

         Who is going to be paying for college? 

        How expensive of a college can you afford?

    Begin making a list of colleges

    Plan college visits with your student

    Start visiting colleges of interest

    Help your student register for upcoming standardized tests

    Make a testing plan

        It is recommended that students wait until the February ACT to begin testing

    Complete the ‘Parent Brag Sheet’ to aid in the future writing of your student’s Letter of Recommendation

    Meet with Mrs. Goldberg in the spring


    Prepare a challenging schedule for senior year



    Senior Year



    Keep up with grades

          Mid-year reports will show your senior year grades

    Continue college visits

    Continue visiting colleges

    Help your student fill out FAFSA

    Finalize application list

    Nag your student to keep her going (but just a little bit!)

    Continue taking standardized tests

        October ACT is the latest that will be considered for admission purposes

    Keep calm! It’s a stressful, but rewarding, process.

    Meet with Mrs. Goldberg in the fall


    Search and apply for scholarships


    Submit FAFSA


    Complete applications


    Watch your mail/email/phone for admission decisions


    Make final college decision


    Complete enrollment paperwork