• Food Service Information:

    Standard School Year Food Service Operations:
    Chartwells manages the district’s food service operations. Monthly interactive menus from Nutrislice feature nutrition and allergen information and are available online at www.vp.k12.mo.us/foodservices.
    Payments and accounts will be managed through the online Parent Portal. Parents are encouraged to send money to cover meals for the entire week or month. If sending money, write the student’s first and last name and their teacher’s name (if applicable) on the outside of the envelope. Payments for elementary students may be placed in the payment box located outside the school office. Middle and high school students may give their deposits to the cashier where they purchase their meals.
    This year, to reduce contact, students will be using a barcode instead of a PIN number to purchase their meals. This assures privacy for students who receive free and reduced-price meals and allows for electronic tracking of balances.
    If you have any questions about Food Services, contact director James Malloy at (636) 923-3633 or jmalloy@vp.k12.mo.us.

    Breakfast is $0.30 for all students approved for the reduced meal benefit. Lunch is $0.40 for students approved for reduced meals, and it is free of charge for students approved for free meals.

    Meal Prices:

    ES Breakfast - $2.15

    ES Lunch - $2.80

    MS/HS Breakfast - $2.15

    MS/HS Lunch - $3.05

    Adult Breakfast - $2.90

    Adult Lunch - $4.10

    Free and Reduced Breakfast Price - $0.30

    Free and Reduced Lunch Price - $0.40