• The School Flex Program is an option for juniors and seniors who are interested in earning credit for employment, gaining experience in a field of interest, and preparing for a career after high school. Students will attend classes at VPHS 1st through 5th hour (5th hour students in the program will take the Career Exploration and Employability course) and then will report to work/internship for the remaining two hours of the day. Students will earn .5 elective credit each semester for the Career Exploration and Employability course, and can earn 1.0 credit per semester for 10-19 hours per week, or 2.0 credits per semester for 20+ hours per week, for a total of up to 4.0 credits per year. The type of credit will be dictated by the student’s ICAP and work site placement.


    Students and parents must sign a contract agreeing to the various program terms as established by DESE. That contract can be found HERE.


    Hours should be tracked using the following form - CLICK HERE.