Standards-Based Grading Information

  • Grades for students enrolled in Valley Park Middle School will be based on achievement of District-wide/State content standards, which specify what students should know and be able to comprehend. Missouri Learning Standards guide teachers and provide a foundation for excellence in the classroom. These grading premises and practices are intended to ensure students have the knowledge and skills necessary for the next grade level.

    What will grades look like on reports?

    4=exceeds expectation, demonstrates mastery and can apply to other concepts
    3=mastery, meets expectation, performs independently
    2=emerging, needs assistance, not there yet
    1=basic, minimal demonstration of knowledge

    What is the goal of Standards-Based Grading?

    The primary goal is to communicate what each student knows and is able to do according to district and state standards, and separately assess the influence of positive and consistent work habits on student learning.

    How does Standards-Based Grading Work?

    Traditional grading averages student work and other subjective factors that a student has completed over a grading period. SBG removes extraneous factors and solely focuses on proficiency. Standards-Based Grading assesses what a student knows and is able to do.

    How does this differ from traditional letter grades?

    SBG reports tell us what students know and are able to do.  SBG measures students’ knowledge of specific grade-level content over time.  For example: In traditional grading, the students’ performance for the whole quarter is averaged into a letter grade (A, B, C, D, F). In SBG, a student who reaches proficiency is reported proficient and the grade would reflect current performance level.  Also, traditional grading often includes other subjective factors like attendance, effort, and attitude, which might influence the grade positively or negatively.  In SBG, we report proficiency and work habits separately to give a more accurate report of student progress.

    How do I understand the report card my child brings home?

    Proficiency scores will not be related to a traditional grade.  When a parent sees proficiency scores on a report, they should consider that the goal of that report is to give them information regarding how their student can perform as measured against specific content standards.  Parents can still contact teachers and principals directly when they have questions, and use the legend provided on each report card.

    Contact us if you have questions about Standards-Based Grading: 636-923-3624