• Contact information:


    TextNow 636-205-6463


    It is easiest to reach me by email or to phone the office in case of emergency since I do not usually answer outside calls during my teaching time.  


    Classroom Expectations:

    I expect all students to treat each other, and all adults, with respect and care.  I also expect students to follow instructions the first time given and to always try their best.  I expect students to be quiet at the appropriate times, while enjoying conversation when the time is right.  I expect all students to do the assigned work in the allotted time and to ask for help if they are not understanding.



  •  Mrs. Biffignani

    About Me:

    I have been teaching in the Valley Park School District for 31 years.  I have taught 6th grade for 20 years before moving to 4th grade.  I have a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from Maryville University; with an undergraduate degree from Harris-Stowe State University.  

    I am married and have two children, one who lives in New York City and one in college.  I currently have 2 dogs who love going on walks and playing in the yard.  I love to read, relax on my deck, or spend time at Table Rock Lake.  I also love watching Blues Hockey and love listening to all types of music, especially Blues, Jazz, Old Rock and Roll and Country.