• Contact Info:

    The best way to contact me is to use my email: twood@vp.k12.mo.us.  I check this email regularly, including over the weekend and I should be able to respond within two or three days.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about your student.


    About Me: 

    I am a Missouri native, born in St. Charles and raised in Maryville in the northwest corner of the state.  I earned my BA in History and my MA in Education from Truman State University.  I have been teaching since 2011 and joined Valley Park High School in 2015.  I love learning about almost any subject and what I most want students to get from my teaching is the knowledge to be historically literate and the perspective to imagine other people and ideas complexly.  I believe knowledge has intrinsic value and that all people should strive to be lifelong learners.  I hope to help all students develop a love of learning that can be applied well beyond their educational careers.


    Class Schedule:

                    1st Hour – American History

                    2nd Hour – American History

                    3rd Hour – Plan Period

                    4th Hour – Honors American History

                    5th Hour – Advisory

                    6th Hour – World Geography

                    7th Hour – American History

                    8th Hour – AP US History


    Class Expectations:

    ·        Respect for other students, the teacher, and yourself.

    ·        Best effort and working to your ability.

    ·        Ask helpful questions, especially when you aren’t sure.

mr wood