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    Serving Students in Grades K-10 at Valley Park Elementary, Valley Park Middle School and Valley Park High School

    Services provided: Speech/language screenings, interventions, evaluations as part of a special education referral/evaluation, and direct therapy services.  


    Ms. Sears provides a Kindergarten-wide Sounds and Symbols Phonological Awareness (pre-literacy) program teaching the connections between letters and their sounds.  Additionally, Ms. Sears provides a Social-Emotional Learning intervention. 


    Office: Room 150B, in the Kindergarten Pod, Valley Park Elementary
    Phone: 636-923-3540
    The best way to contact me is email at Ssears@vp.k12.mo.us. I will contact you or return your email within 24 hours. 



  • Susan Sears
    Susan Sears, M.S., CCC-SLP
    Speech/Language Pathologist