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  • In the summer and fall of 2016, the Board of Education reviewed the next phase of our long-range facilities plan. After hearing needs from staff and considering results from our community survey, the Board voted to place a no-tax-rate-increase bond issue on the April 4, 2017 ballot. Proposition R was designed to implement the next phase of safety & security updates,  repair aging facilities, and replace building systems at the end of their life cycle. 
    On April 4, with nearly 75% of the vote, Prop R passed. Implementation began the summer of 2017 and will continue over a 3-year period.  
    What will Prop R cost residents?
    Proposition R does NOT result in an increase to our current tax rate.  

    Completed items under Prop R:

    Heavy Maintenance

    • Roofing - This major project replacing approximately 70,000 square feet of roofing on the elementary, middle and high school buildings is now complete. Stone restoration, brickwork, roof drain replacements and other repairs to accommodate the new roofing construction were also completed. The remaining sheet-metal work will be completed shortly. The solar panels removed for the roofing work will be re-installed later this year.


    • 132 aging computers replaced and 336 additional computer placed across the district
    • Aging projectors replaced with wireless projectors districtwide
    • Phone server upgraded
    • Security camera server upgraded
    • Replaced whiteboards in middle and high schools
    • Additional printers added throughout the district
    • New firewall and content filter added to increase safety and security
    • Additional wireless access points added for connectivity in the high school
    • Digital signage in elementary café, lobby and middle school lobby
    • Released new district app streamlined with the mass communication and website platforms

    Bus Fleet

    • Two new Bluebird buses were purchased to replace aging school buses


    • New scoreboards were installed in the Field House gymnasium, and the basketball backboards were repaired
    • The serving line and kitchen in the elementary school cafeteria were renovated over the summer and have been in operation since the start of school. The renovation included new dishwashing equipment, two new combi-ovens, new refrigeration and new finishes.
    • Elementary sound system installed


    • The property and service station at Plainview and Valley School Drive was acquired and demolited is scheduled. Utilities were removed earlier in the summer. Master planning studies are underway to determine the best use of the property.

    Safety & Security

    • Access control added to six doors
    • Additional security cameras installed

    Current Projects:

    • Solar Panels - Solar panels have been reinstalled on the new roof and are operating.
    • Fencing Replacement - Fencing Replacement is in process with temporary fence enclosures for the early childhood and elementary playground areas. 
    • Message Boards - Message boards at Vance Road & 141 and at Vance Road & Main Street is currently being installed. 

    In Design:

    • Middle/High School Kitchen - The Middle School/High School kitchen area and serving lines will be receiving some major renovations this summer. The plans are being developed at this time with the assistance of the food service consultant. 
    • Upgrades to HVAC Systems - The 2017 bond issue calls for a major replacement of heating and air-conditioning systems in the High School and Elementary School buildings. We will bid out the work in February.  The construction involved in updating these mechanical systems will occur in the summer.
    • Intercom and Fire Alarm - There is also a project to update and replace major components of the intercom and fire alarm system, campus-wide. The survey work is happening currently, and a bid package will be issued this spring.  Construction will take place over the summer.
    • Elementary & ECC Playground - The playground replacement/redesign project is underway. We are working on options for new equipment layout and design, and have a tentative strategy for surfacing, shade and drinking fountain provisions.  There will be a meeting with the planning committee to review various options of equipment layout.  Construction would occur over the summer.
    • High School Office Relocation - We have been exploring design options for the relocation of the High School office. The current scheme will locate the High School office on the parking lot side of the building to occupy the space where the Central office is now.  The old High School office area will be converted into two Special Education classrooms.  This work will be done over the summer with plans in place for a short-term office location in case the summer construction encounters unforeseen issues. 
    • High School Commons - As part of the office relocation work, the High School commons area will be renovated as well. The changes are meant to allow for a focus on dining room space and class meetings, but no will longer utilize the room as an athletic practice facility.  Doing this will give us the opportunity to include a variety of seating areas and improve the food service line.  The objective is for this space to be more like a true “commons” with as much openness as possible with inviting, student-focused spaces, smaller gathering spaces, and technology. 
    • Central Office Relocation - After studying various options for the relocation of the Central Office, the plans include moving the Central office to the Industrial Tech building between the band room and the maintenance department. This renovation work will be part of the summer construction work. 
    • Carpet Replacement - Carpet replacement for the Middle School classrooms will be taking place as part of this summer’s renovation work. Carpet replacement for the Elementary and High School areas will be completed in the summer of 2019, due to the major HVAC work occurring in those buildings during the summer of 2018.
    • Parking Lot Paving - Survey work for parking lot paving replacement and repair is scheduled to be completed this month. The schedule for construction has yet to be determined.
    • Campus Master Planning - Long range master planning is ongoing as we study ways to best use the campus property and improve vehicular access and parking.