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    6th Grade Supplies List   2019-2020


    6th Grade Required

    Backpack (NO WHEELS, it will not fit in the locker.)

    2-  1 ½  inch 3 ring view (pocket on the outside cover) binder

    1- binder dividers 8 tabs

    1-  zippered pencil bag

    1- Earbuds or headphones to be LEFT IN LOCKER in a Ziplock bag or pencil bag

    Several packages of pencils (for entire year) 

    2- wide ruled composition books-notebook without wire but tape bound (for science Interactive Notebooks “INB’s”)         

    1- pack of glue sticks (for our science INB’s)

    2- single subject spiral notebooks                                           

    1- pack colored pencils

    9- three prong, two pocket folders

    1- pack 4 EXPO thin dry erase markers

    1- pack of color highlighters

    1- scientific calculator

    1- box of Zip Lock plastic bags (The size depends on your last name…

    A-C   gallon,  D-H   2 ½  gallon (extra-large),     I-S quart,     T-Z sandwich.)

    1- bottle of hand sanitizer (like Germ-X) to be given to your hawk time teacher

    Stick of deodorant to keep in locker

    Old tennis shoes that fit to keep in locker for PE.


    6th Grade Recommendations for Organizational Success:

    • A 3-4 inch (preferably 4 inch) zippered binder is highly recommended so that students can keep all materials in it throughout the day (except for the 2- 3 ring binders that will be left in social studies and science classes.)
    • Pencil bag should always be filled with earbuds, a dry erase marker, highlighter, and several pencils.
    • The folder and/or notebook will be assigned to a particular class and is only to be used for that class.
    • Some materials will be left in the top part of their locker until needed throughout the year.
    • If the student wears PE tennis shoes everyday to school, extra tennis shoes are not necessary. Students sometimes forget which day PE is (it rotates daily) and don’t have tennis shoes to participate in class.
    • The teachers will help the students get organized and label their supplies the first week of school😊


    7th Grade Supplies List   2019-2020



    Several packages of pencils (at least 8)

    Several packages of blue or black pens

    3 highlighters (3 different colors)

    3 one-inch binders (ELA-1 Math-1 History-1)

    2 packages of wide-ruled loose-leaf paper

    1 package (8 count) divider tabs (ELA-5 Math-3)

    2 Single subject notebooks (Math-1 History-1)

    1 Composition notebook (Science)

    2 Folders with pockets (Science-1 ELA Lab-1)

    Sticks of deodorant for PE locker and regular locker

    Zipper pouch to hold calculator, pens, pencils

    Calculator (preferably TI-30XIIS)


    **Teachers may ask for additional supplies throughout the year


    8th Grade Supplies List   2019-2020


    Calculator (preferably a TI-30XIIS)

    3 – 1.5” or 2” binders (History/ELA/Math)

    1 – Package 5 count divider tabs

    2 Composition notebooks (Science & Math)

    1 pocket folder (for practice work)

    Vinyl 5-STAR Folder (Science)

    1 Glue stick

    1 package highlighter

    1 package of pens (blue/black)

    1 package of lined paper

    3 packages of pencils (necessary requirement for math class)

    Pencil erasers

    1 packages of dry erase markers

    Pencil pouch

    1 package of markers

    1 package of black permanent markers (history)

    Headphones (Absolute necessity! These will be given to Mrs. Fahy for testing purposes. Buy earbuds at dollar store!)

    Please do not buy (the teachers have plenty!)