Emergency Preparedness

  • Valley Park School District is committed to taking proactive measures to protect the safety of all of our students and staff members. We are prepared to deal effectively with natural disasters or other serious incidents that could occur in or around the school while classes are in session. It is our top priority at all times to protect all students and staff from harm.

    The district and all school facilities have crisis and safety plans. The plans are designed with the assistance of administrative staff members, as well as local law enforcement, emergency management and public health officials. The plans, which are regularly reviewed and updated, include procedures to respond to a variety of crisis incidents. School district personnel practice drills associated with some of these specific emergencies on a regular basis, including fire, tornado and school intruder drills.

    If you have any questions about your school's safety and support response, please contact your building principal or Safety Coordinator Chris Poll at cpoll@vp.k12.mo.us or 636-923-3500, ext. 3687.

    Safety procedures & information for parents:


    The district runs drills through the school year.

    • Fire Drill: Monthly
    • Intruder Drill: Monthly
    • Tornado Drill: Twice a year
    • Earthquake Drill: Twice a year

    The district also participates in the Great ShakeOut earthquake drills and the statewide tornado drill each spring.

    Evacuations, Rendezvous Point, & Safety Zones:

    In the case that we evacuate the campus, we will go to Twin Oaks Christian School at 1230 Big Bend Rd. This is the rendezvous point for all emergencies. In an emergency, parents’ first instinct may be to come to campus. You must go to the rendezvous point to be reunited with your child.

    In the case of an active shooter on campus, we encourage students who are not on lockdown to get to Safety Zones: The Vance police precinct, behind Sacred Heart, or across Vance behind the businesses.

    Remember: Don’t rush the school during or after an incident. Wait for information. We will need space for emergency personnel.


    In most cases, we will use our ParentLink broadcast system to update parents on an emergency situation. It is important that parents keep their contact information up-to-date with their school's secretary.  

    In the case of an active emergency, parents should watch for updates on the district website and social media. Parents of children involved in an incident will be contacted directly. 

    What is the district doing about safety?

    • Cameras throughout the campus and monitors in the offices
    • Our School Resource Officer is visible around the campus each school day and during events
    • Early adoption of regular intruder drills with varying scenarios
    • Locking door handles were installed on all classroom and office doors
    • Visitors must be buzzed into the Elementary School
    • Panic buttons tied directly to the Vance precinct are installed for each secretary
    • All-call phone messaging capabilities for each school
    • Principals meet for Safety Committee meetings with Officer Mullins
    • Police presence at almost all events
    • Training and awareness
    • Emergency walkie-talkie communications throughout the district
    • Working with the fire department to run drills setting up mobile command centers
    • District Safety Plan is reviewed annually

    What you can do:

    Please talk to your children at home about the importance of safety and following teacher’s instructions and sharing when they see or learn of something suspicious. The safety of your child is the number one focus of our staff. The training they’ve gone through will help keep the entire class safe.