• Library Resources and Services 

    Presented by Tricia Ottens 

    General Parent Information 

    Description: This presentation will inform parents of valuable library resources and services available anytime, anywhere. Learn how students may become more skillful researchers by accessing reliable information through databases provided by the Valley Park Secondary Library program. 

    Secondary Library Resources Brochure

    Helping Your Student Edit and Revise

    Presented by Luke Kriefall 

    Description: In this day and age, it can become really easy for your child to write or type something, and forget to look at it again before they publish it.  Students are making more and more common mistakes because they rely heavily on autocorrect on most digital devices and don't consciously fix mistakes.  With a future of writing ahead of them, now you can learn to help your children "autocorrect" their own writing with a walkthrough on editing and revising. 

    Revising and Editing Tips for Parents

    Revising and Editing Tips for Parents Powerpoint

    Middle School Reading 

    Presented by Abigail Espenschied  

    Description: In this session you will discover why it is vital for students to be reading independently outside of the school day, be given tips for motivating your child to read, and resources to find grade level literature. In addition, parents will be given a quick overview of reading expectations for students in grades six through nine.   

    Reading in Middle School

    Teens & Sleep

    Presented by Angie Buckman  

    Description: Sleep!  What good is sleep? A good night’s sleep helps reduce stress, allows the brain and body to rejuvenate, reduces the risk of obesity, and enhances student performance in school. In this session, you will learn tips to help your student get quality sleep and learn how much sleep teens really need. 





    Snooze You Lose!

    Communicating with Your Child about School 

    Presented by Mary Patton  

    Description: Tired of hearing “nothing” or “fine” when you ask your child about your child’s school day?  This presentation will give parents tools and strategies to open the doors of communication with their teen.  Also, you will learn about the importance of listening when communicating with your teen during these challenging years. 

    Communicating with Your Teen   

    Tips on Communicating with your Teen

    Middle School Math Resources

    Presented by Chelsey Merz, Tessa Weiland, and Lauren Fahy 

    General Parent Information 

    Descriptor: Is your student struggling with math at home?  Well, come to this session to learn about resources on the web that will help your student be more successful at math!  Here you will explore websites that will help your student understand math concepts like solving one-step or two-step equations as well as practice problems to help students become more confident in the skills being taught in the classroom.  A handout will be given with the resources discussed!   


    Help! My Student is a Middle Schooler! (now what do I do???)

    Presented by: Erin Steinkamp 

    Description: Did you know that the adolescent body undergoes more developmental changes during the middle school years than at any other time?! This interactive session will help parents understand what impact all of these changes have on their middle-schooler. We will also discuss ways to help students navigate this transitional time successfully. 

     Understanding your middle school child

    Rude, Mean and Bullying Behaviors of Middle School Students

    Presented by: Erin Steinkamp 

    Description: The middle school years are a time of change - especially in terms of relationships! Conflicts come up, friendships change, and students struggle with how to deal with the emotions associated with them. Learn what Rude, Mean and Bullying really looks like and what supports we have in place to help students resolve the conflicts as they come up.  

    What kind of behavior is it

    Getting Organized/Developing Good Study Habits  

    Presented by Alicia Wilson 

    Description: Parents will be given the organization expectations for each grade level and class as well as ways that they may be supported at home. In this session, parents will also be presented with researched based study strategies that are effective for middle schoolers and how to create an effective study space for their teen.