• Valley Park Middle School Frequently Asked Quesions:

    1. How early can I drop off my child? 7:20 am.
    2. Can my child bring electronic devices such as cell phones, ipads and etc. to school? Students are encouraged to leave personal electronic devices at home. If students do bring any of these devices to school, they are to be turned off and stored in a safe place during the school day.
    3. Can my child use his/her cell phone to call home? If a student has a valid reason for calling home, he/she may use the classroom phone or the office phone with permission.
    4. Can the nurse give my child OTC medication? No. All prescription and over the counter medicines must have an authorization order from the student’s physician and parent.
    5. Is the covid vaccine required for my child to attend school? No
    6. Will the students be using lunch accounts? No – it is free for all students again this year (breakfast and lunch).
    7. Can students use cell phones at lunch? No
    8. Can students use cell phones between 7:20am – 7:40 am? Yes
    9. When students arrive between 7:20-7:40 in the morning, where do they go?  They will get a grab and go breakfast (if they want) and go to their first hour class.
    10. Are the students going to be able to use lockers this year? No