• Safety & Security Overview 

    A safe and secure environment is critical to the success of our schools.  Parents and children should arrive on our campus and facilities with the confidence that every measure has been taken to ensure their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.  Below you will find information about some of the most frequently asked about security and safety measures in place within our schools.  

    When Tragedies Occur on School Campuses 

    Delayed Dismissal Procedures 

    To keep students safe, district schools will not release students from school during a tornado warning or if the school is in lockdown. Buses will not run until the warning or lockdown is lifted. In case of a tornado warning, parents may take their children home before normal dismissal time but are required to come into the office and sign their children out of school. In the case of a lockdown, no one (other than emergency response team members) will be allowed to exit or enter the building.
    Please Note: A tornado watch indicates that conditions are likely to produce a tornado. A tornado warning means there is immediate danger and everyone in the path of the storm is advised to take cover immediately.

    Emergency Dismissal Procedures 

    If an emergency requires our schools to close early, or delay dismissal, this information will be communicated to parents through the Infinite Campus system to households at their current phone number and email address on file. In addition, this information will be provided to the local media, and posted on the district website, Facebook and Twitter. 

    Emergency Drills 

    For the safety of our students and staff, and in accordance with district policy EBC-2 (Emergency Drills), drills are regularly conducted throughout the school year in each of the district’s school buildings for fire, tornado, bus emergency, earthquake, and armed intruder. 

    Building Access 

    In order to keep our students and staff safe throughout the day, safety protocols have been established for visitors to our buildings. The doors to our schools are locked once the school day begins, and parents and other visitors are asked to come to the front door to be “buzzed in.”  All visitors are required to sign in and obtain a visitor’s badge, which they must wear during their entire visit to the school and sign out when they leave. A new safety feature, Hall Pass, is also being added starting in the 2022-2023 school year. Additionally, security cameras are located at the front doors, as well as at other locations both inside and outside of all district buildings. 

    S.A.F.E. Schools Hotline 

    Residents, staff members, parents and students can help keep our schools safe by reporting any suspicious activity to the S.A.F.E. Schools Hotline at 314-889-SAFE (7233).  The hotline is anonymous and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.