• Intergenerational Tutoring with OASISoasis

    Improve children’s reading skills and test scores

    Intergenerational Tutoring takes advantage of the special relationships that develop across generations to reap benefits for both children and adults.

    Basics of the program

    • The tutors are volunteers who have a love of reading and a love of children.
    • They come with prepared lesson plans, so there is no additional burden on teachers.
    • Tutors are trained to use a curriculum specially designed by reading professionals for K-4 students.
    • The tutor works with the same child each week.

    Interested in helping children build reading skills, self-esteem and positive attitudes toward learning? Contact


    Anne Campbell, Library Assistant
    Dawn Fenwick, 2nd Grade Teacher

    For more information about OASIS or the OASIS tutoring program, visit www.oasisnet.org or call the Clayton OASIS Center at 314-862-4859.