Regulations for use of VPSD Buildings, Grounds & Equipment

  • Facilities may not be used without approval of Valley Park School District officials.  Facilities may be used for subjects of general interest and educational purposes, according to the rules listed below:
    1. Applications must be made a minimum of ten (10) days in advance of event.
    2. Applications should be obtained from the Superintendent’s office.
    3. Applications must be signed by a responsible citizen of the Valley Park School District, 21 years of age or over.  Applicant must attend event and is responsible for observance of rules applicable to use of building, grounds, and equipment. 
    4. Applications must be accompanied by a signed Hold-Harmless Agreement.
    General Rules
    1. Any damage or breakage to buildings, grounds or equipment by an organization shall be paid for by the organization.
    2. School groups have first priority on use of facilities and permits are granted with the understanding that cancellations may be ordered whenever necessary.  
    3. Facilities may not be used for any function given for the direct or indirect benefit of a private or commercial interest. 
    4. Fund raising activities are restricted to school groups and similar organizations.    
    5. School property will not be used for any purpose contrary to the aims of the public school system.
    6. Fireworks or other hazardous activities will not be permitted on school premises. Infraction of this rule will result in cancellation of permit.  
    7. Vehicles are not allowed to park on the grass or athletic field of any school building. 
    8. No raffles, games of chance or questionable schemes for obtaining money shall be permitted.  
    9. Insurance binders are required by VPSD for certain types of usage of district facilities.  
    Organizations may be required to pay a service charge representing cost for extra custodial supervision and the operation/maintenance of the buildings, grounds and/or equipment, in such an amount as the Superintendent may determine.  The Superintendent will set the amount of charges based on the type of usage.  A copy of permit returned to organization before the date of event will show this amount.  After event takes place, the organization will be invoiced by the district.
    Athletic Fields
    The Superintendent is in charge of issuing permits for use of school fields for school year and summer use.  Applications may be obtained from the district’s Central Office.  For summer use, applications must be submitted no later than one (1) month prior to closing of schools for summer months.