Valley Park Gifted Program

  • The Valley Park Gifted Education program serves students in grades 1st-8th. Students meet for a minimum of 150 minutes per week. 

  • Middle School Services

    6th and 7th Grade Services
    Gifted 6th grade students participate in a gifted class in place of their CSD class.  While focusing on many different topics of study, this class will also work on vocabulary and setting Accelerated Reader goals.  
    225 minutes/week

    8th Grade Services
    Gifted 8th grade students participate in a gifted class in place of their Hawk Time class.  Students have the opportunity to shape their study by collaboratively deciding on our projects and topics.  
    150 minutes/week 
  • Within all classes that are offered to students participating in the Valley Park Gifted Education Program, the topics are used as a medium for teaching critical thinking, problem-solving, information gathering, responsibility, and communication skills.  The aforementioned skills are tools that students will be able to use for a life-time.

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