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  • For questions regarding class schedules for the 23.24 school year, please email or call
    Dr. Ryan Luhning
    For enrollment information, please visit us online here.
    Mrs. Jacqueline Deveraux
    MCAC Postsecondary Advisor
    Ms. Madelyn LaManna

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    Safe Schools Helpline


    Interested in Summer School?

    Valley Park High School offers students an opportunity to recover needed credits for graduation, known as credit recovery,  and provides additional opportunity for students to take course(s) which may be difficult to incorporate into their regular school year schedule, known as credit advancement.

    For some students, participating in credit recovery and/or credit advancement is an important aspect of high school to ensure students graduate on time and with the courses/credits they need and wish to complete during their time in high school.  

    For the 2023 summer school program, we are offering a variety of virtual learning opportunities.  We will not be offering in-person learning for summer school this year.  

    Please review the summer school handbook carefully for procedures and expectations.  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1M_eK1T4-X7pTLWFNM_45kcTOq5gFCC-AaF-2iedKzww/edit?usp=sharing

    We encourage you to discuss your summer learning plans and academic goals with Meghan Aydelott, Valley Park College, Career, & Success Ready Director via phone (636-923-3675) or via email (maydelott@vp.k12.mo.us).