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2018 ABC & Community Recognition Awards

The 2018 Above and Beyond for Children (ABC) and Community Recognitions Awards were awarded at the Board of Education regular meeting on Wednesday, August 22, 2018. 
Scott Rausch, Krissy Martin, and Brad Spawr pose with awards
ABC Award: Krissy Martin
The Valley Park School District Above and Beyond for Children (ABC) Award was established in 2002 as an annual award to honor and recognize staff, parents and community volunteers who go above and beyond for the children of Valley Park. This year’s recipient, Krissy Martin, indeed embodies this award.
Krissy currently serves as President on the Elementary PTO board where she has given countless hours of her time to implement new ideas and activities for the school. Krissy drafted the PTO Teacher Grant program, through which the PTO has awarded thousands of dollars in grants to teachers over the past two years to support learning. Krissy was fundamental in the Raise Craze fundraiser last year, in which the students completed hundreds of acts of kindness in our community, raising funds for the school and cultivating an atmosphere of kindness and giving.
Where there is a need, Krissy finds a way to fill it, either by doing it herself or reaching out and empowering others to help. Many of us at Valley Park have turned to her for help supporting our staff and students. And many of us have been inspired by her giving spirit. Krissy goes the extra mile to help other parents, staff, and students in our district, often doing so under the radar without others even knowing what she has done to help.
This award recognizes Krissy and all the ways she goes above and beyond for the children of Valley Park.
Community Recognition Award: VPHS Booster Club
The Valley Park School District established the Community Recognition Award in 2005 to recognize the importance of cooperative and supportive relationships with community and business organizations. The award recognizes organizations with an ongoing relationship with the school district whose partnership has had a positive impact on student achievement, school improvement, and the overall education experience.

The Valley Park High School Booster Club has been revitalized in the last few years by a group of parents who are dedicated to our High School, our athletic teams, and our district as a whole. The Booster Club is present at all the games, garnering support and spirit for our athletes. They provide senior banners, refreshments, Hawks sportswear, and gear, overall enhancing the high school experience.
They are a reliable community partner to the district as a whole, supporting community efforts, fundraising, and student achievement.
The Booster Club is nothing without the people that make it up. The award was presented to Brad Spawr and Scott Rausch who are integral to the organization.