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Board of Education Candidate Profiles

The following three (3) candidates are running to fill the two (2) open spots in the Valley Park School District Board of Education election April 2, 2019. The candidates appear here in the order in which they'll appear on the official ballot. 


Adam Watson Name: Adam Watson

Age: 38

Occupation: IT Software Development Project Lead, Centene Corporation

How long have you been a Valley Park Resident? 12 years

Personal or professional awards and accomplishments: Bachelors of Science - Business Administration - Management Information Systems, Truman State University

Community involvement:   VPAA Girls 7U Softball Coach, Girl Scout Troop 2339, Math Fact Scholars, Mission Hills Estates Subdivision Trustee

Why do you want to serve on the Valley Park School District Board of Education?  I have two young children in our District.  Through them, I have met so many other families for whom I want to make a difference.  We have such a wonderful community here in the Valley Park School District and I want to be able to help guarantee it continues well into the future.

What qualifies you to serve on the Valley Park School District Board of Education? I am determined to make sure every student in our District has every opportunity to be successful in their public education journey. 

If elected, what would be your top 3 priorities?  

  1. Ensuring all of the students of Valley Park School District continue having access to an outstanding educational experience
  2. Continuing to create opportunities inside/outside our District for STEAM-based programs to help students flourish academically.
  3. Leveraging my IT background to work with the Board and our Administration on technology issues facing our District.


Della Steele Name: Della Steele

Age: 56

Occupation: Certified Pharmacy Technician

How long have you been a Valley Park Resident? 56 Years

Personal or professional awards and accomplishments:

My personal accomplishments would include a 37-year marriage resulting in three wonderful daughters. I’m very proud of my family.
I’m also a proud recipient of the “Above and Beyond for Children” award from Valley Park School District for my work in raising scholarship funds and educating the community regarding safety issues that impact children.

Professionally, I’m proud of my accomplishments in my career and feel that I make a difference in the lives of people every day.

Community involvement:

I am proud to have organized and implemented the Valley Park Safety Fair for the last ten years. This completely free event is held annually to empower children through knowledge. Issues addressed include personal safety, along with safe practices regarding fire, water, bike, railroad, and many other important safety lessons that impact children in their lives. This would include educating parents on issues such as drug abuse, internet safety, and counseling opportunities. Last year’s event had over 400 participants.

I have always been involved with the school as a parent volunteer, special school district and VP employee, and most recently a Valley Park Board of Education representative.

Why do you want to serve on the Valley Park School District Board of Education?
Simply stated, I want to serve on the Board of Education because I care. I have seen this district take great strides forward in all areas. I would like to continue to ensure that students have a safe and secure learning environment where they have the opportunity to develop into the best people they can be.
I want to oversee the use of hard earned tax dollars. My philosophy is that this community needs a school that we can be proud of, but we do not need to waste money on extravagant purchases not directly involved in educating students.

What qualifies you to serve on the Valley Park School District Board of Education?

I have a longtime connection to this community and care deeply about the success of our students. As a former student, parent and past substitute teacher, I can assess situations from various points of view. I am a team player who recognizes the value of our quality staff and my fellow board members. That mindset is also applied to my appreciation of the growth within our community. I am loyal to our “hometown” values and traditions, but excited to have so many new members of our community with ideas to make our school district even better.

If elected, what would be your top 3 priorities? My top 3 priorities would involve evaluating curriculum and financing, both current and future.

  1. Even though there are many great things going on in our schools as reflected in our 100 % APR rating from the state of Missouri, I would like there to be a careful review of our curriculum. Paying special attention to whether it is aligned from grade level to grade level, and school to school will aid students as they move forward in their education. Also, making certain that teachers have the tools they need for success will lead to a positive educational experience for students.
  2. It requires a lot of money to support a quality school system. However, I would like for there to be an evaluation of our spending in all departments to ensure that the hard-earned tax dollars of our constituents are being used as efficiently as possible.
  3. I would also like to work with our new Superintendent to improve our systems for strategic planning. In regard to finance, there needs to be a clear timeline developed of upcoming needs and available resources. This will help us prepare and plan to provide funds for the needs identified to support our district.


Greg Reel Name: Greg Reel

Age: 54

Occupation: Job Utilities Supervisor

How long have you been a Valley Park Resident? 32 years

Personal or professional awards and accomplishments: I have been married to my wife, Tammy Reel, for going on 37 years. We have two sons who attended and graduated from Valley Park Schools, and a grandson who is now enrolled in the Elementary. I served in US Army, am a member of the International Laborers Union, a member of the Operating Engineers Union.

Community involvement: I coached baseball with Valley Park Athletics Association and basketball with YMCA at Valley Park.

Why do you want to serve on the Valley Park School District Board of Education?

I am passionate about education and proud of the many awards we have received over the years and want to be involved in keeping the district moving in the right direction. I have more time to devote to community service.

What qualifies you to serve on the Valley Park School District Board of Education?

I have been involved with the district and community over the years, having been a little league coach for several with the V.P.A.A. and a basketball coach. My wife and I have2 sons who both received a K-12 grade education from Valley Park School District. My wife has been employed with the district for 24 years. As a parent and grandparent, I have had the opportunity to get to know the staff and facilities.
I am a dedicated citizen and hard worker. I want what is best for the students, staff, and community.

If elected what would be your three top priorities? 

  1. Keep the district moving in the same direction with 100% APR.
  2. Work towards keeping more financial stability in the district so that the board will not have to ask for more tax increases.
  3. The opportunity to be elected during the same year we welcome our new Superintendent, Dr. Tim Dilg to the district is something that I'm looking forward to. Being able to help him get acquainted with the community.