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VPMS Awarded Water Fountain Grant

Bubbler water fountain with bottle filler The Saint Louis County Department of Public Health Environmental Services Waste Management Program awarded Valley Park Middle School the Resourceful Schools Project (RSP) Water Bottle Filling Station and Waste Reduction Grant for 2017 -2018 School-Year.


RSP offered this grant opportunity for middle and junior high schools in St. Louis County to receive a limited number of drinking fountain units equipped with water bottle filling stations to promote litter reduction/recycling and water consumption at schools.


The school will participate in a plastic bottle cap collection to demonstrate the number of disposable beverage bottles that are used by our community and to highlight recycling. The water bottle filling stations will then be installed to promote the use of reusable water bottles and to encourage greater consumption of water. As a part of the grant, the school will distribute BPA free, refillable, closeable water bottles to students and staff by November 15th, 2017.


Other participating schools include Bayless Jr. High, Nipher, Holman, Pattonville Middle, Crestview, LaSalle Springs, Rockwood Valley, Selvidge, and Brittany Woods. 


The mission of the Waste Management Program at the county health department is to reduce the amount of solid waste entering St. Louis County landfills. The Resourceful Schools Project is the K-12 program that serves all schools within St. Louis County.


All programs, workshops, and resources offered by RSP are free, paid for by a voter-approved 5% surcharge on waste deposited in St. Louis County landfills.